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Our Story

WinterGarden is a small home based kennel located in the interior of beautiful British Columbia, owned by Mary-Jo and Marty Winters. We have had dogs all our lives,  and our focus has been on standard poodles since 2000. 


Our poodles have been shown successfully in Canada and the US. Careful pedigree research has led us to combine some of the best lines in North America and Europe.

While we do mostly conformation, WinterGarden dogs have enjoyed participating in Rally O, Agility, Tracking, and good old lap cuddling.

Our breeding program produces mostly black and white poodles, and occasionally blue.  Good homes are of the utmost importance as poodles are people dogs.  Versatile and bright, they are happiest with their family.


Poodle Head fade 3.png

Mary-Jo Winters

WinterGarden Poodles

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