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AM/CAN CH Carrington Alias Classic
AM CH Wink's She's Got The Look
AM CAN BDa CH Dawin High Falutin
CAN CH Khalsa's Hope For Lutin
Am/Can Ch WinterGarden's Good Vibrations
CAN CH Khalsa's Kaptivating Kate
AM CH Osea Roulette
AM CH Osea Voltaire
AM/CAN/INTL CH Litilann's WinterGarden Duet
AM CH Osea Quip
AM CH Litilann's Knockout
AM CH Litilann's Livin On A Prayer TP
AM/CAN CH Degana Cole Porter TP
AM CAN CH Alias Just Give Me That Wink
Am/Can Ch Khalsa's WinterGarden JustJoey CGN
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